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Posted: August 2, 2011 in Everything Else, Heart

The ebb and flow of the week can take you from awesome heights in ministry to your knees at the speed of an email, a passing conversation or a phone call. I’ve been reminded recently just how much I don’t know, how little I really control and how much I must rely on the provision and mercy of God.

Here’s what I know to be true about me.  I need to continue to seek God for his wisdom, discernment, timing and intervention. I need to continue to prepare myself, humble myself and focus on the fact that whatever good I’m privileged to accomplish is only made possible because I’m seeking that wisdom, listening for that discernment, willing to wait on His timing and looking for those “Godidents” so that I can make myself available in a way that honors people and guides them to, or closer to, Christ.

I want to see, in a nanosecond, everyone outside the “body” who’s entangled by sin as a “there, but for the grace of God, go I” individual who matters to God. I need to work hard at putting aside biases, stereotypes, and preconceived ideas that isolate me from the very ones He has called me to serve.

I need to be faster at realizing, quicker at thanking God for, and then somehow learn how to share His work as if I’m having anout-of-body experience, watching God and God alone accomplishing that which my heart knows to be Him and Him alone.

I want to realize hourly that I’m surrounded by many of the best leaders, creative and mission-minded staffers who share this journey. I want to learn from them and without a flash of envy, humbly share with others what I’ve gleaned as nuggets I happened, by the grace of God, to stumble upon.

I want to see with fresh eyes that every volunteer who has partnered with this church has a unique story, a God given gift that he or she is looking to share. I continually want to be about helping others who have yet to dive in to understand the same.

I need to have eyes and ears that recognize people who are hurting, or those I hurt, and have feet that move me toward the ones I often try to avoid.

And finally, if that day comes that I’ve done my best at all these steps, I need to realize that my best may often not be received by everyone. That’s when, after careful examination, I’ll need to be faster at letting things go.

In a previous post, I pointed to a couple of GCC staff leaders who’ve outlined two of the most successful tools to build volunteer teams in the church today.  These inviting strategies, if implemented, will always be the two most effective, long-term solutions to maintaining volunteer involvement that currently exists.

I want to turn a page and speak of a corporate tool that has the capacity to engage a bunch of people all at once. Let’s assume that you’re working hard at the care and connection infrastructure that needs to be in place. Remember, without all of that in the equation, you’ll never – I repeat, never – have teams that will ultimately be considered strong.

Several years ago I was approached by a fellow staffer about an idea to invite others to explore ministry opportunities in the church. Shelly Arredondo revealed a brilliant concept that our team now calls VolunTOUR. It took me about 15 seconds to realize that this had the potential to be one of the great tools for inviting others to investigate ministry offerings. Under the leadership of Tammy Michael, we’ve placed hundreds of volunteers in ministries where they continue to serve and grow.

About once a quarter a team of four tour guides will be strategically stationed at the back of the auditorium with signage that simply reads “VolunTOUR.”  Our guests have been introduced to the tour during announcements in previous week messages or online via our web site. Guides are equipped with clipboards for everyone who takes the tour and attached, are these documents for the 25 minutes we’ll have to share with our guests. The first couple of minutes are the formalities where we share what it means to be on mission, on a team that’s making a difference.

Let the tour begin: Each guide takes their separate route through the building, stopping at four or five low traffic areas to explain multiple opportunities of interest. Our guides, equipped with a ringed “cheat guide” talk through (really fast) about 60 possible ministries within our six “big buckets.” Guests are asked to make notations on up to three possible interests. Questions can be answered and conversations had during the walk as our guests explore first-hand what opportunities are available to them.

At the end of the VolunTOUR, guests are asked to turn in one of the two sheets that have their contact information with up to three ministries they would like to be contacted about. The information is then tabulated the following Monday and dispersed to ministry department representatives who have agreed to contact our guests within 72 hours. At the time of this contact, ministry specific questions are answered and opportunities for a next-step meeting, training or paperwork (if required) are offered. That’s the short-details to follow this week.


About this Blog

Posted: June 30, 2010 in Everything Else

I read over two years ago that in 2006 there were 27 million bloggers with that number doubling every 5 months! If my math is even close to correct that means that before our next president’s term is even half over, everyone on the planet will be blogging. I didn’t want to be late on this thing so I thought I’d better get a jump on everyone who’s left.

The first thing you should know about me is that I don’t do math well. The only thing worse than my math is my spelling. Right behind that is my typing skills and discipline for new things like this. Reading (finishing) new books has always been a challenge as well so you might not be seeing a lot of little book covers on the side. Other than that, I shouldn’t have any trouble with this new exercise.

I’ve been stricken (inspired) with the conviction that if I stick to the Rick Warren’s -acronym of SHAPE, I can blog on just about anything. I’m hoping (that’s a word that scares me as spell check can’t help me) that I’m not going to totally rip off any of my mentors.

Some things that might help you to understand me and where future posts might be directed are as follows:

  • Everything I know comes from someone else’s genius. I’ve had the privilege of exposure to incredible leaders in Christianity through the kindness of my employer, Granger Community Church
  • I love watching community develop as people find their place to step up and make a difference by serving Christ, and making a difference in the world through the local church
  • I love the concept that a team outperforms an individual in the long run, every time. One of the many “Beeson-isims” you might read that come from others genius
  • I want to understand technology but I know just enough to fool some of the people some of the time
  • I love live directing live I-Mag, creating an occasional media that moves the hearts of others, IU Basketball, Cubs and all of my incredibly gifted and creative friends and volunteers

Here’s what I hope to accomplish through this forum: Encouraging faithful volunteers, sharing the experiences and knowledge of others, better typing and spelling skills, and a list of things posted by Steve. I think that’s it. I would love to hear from you as well.