Posted: April 23, 2014 in Granger Community Church, Team

During my 12 years of staff ministry, I’ve held twice as many staff positions as actual careers. Since 2001, I’ve served as our technical director, media specialist, arts volunteer specialist, i-mag director, director of volunteer involvement, guest services director, and now…(drum roll)… I have the awesome privilege of launching and leading a ministry in a role we’re calling director of engagement.

What a privilege it will be to build new teams, structures and systems that will help connect anyone and everyone who desires, to take their next steps.

What excites me more than this honor is the fact that Granger Community Church has taken Goliath-like steps to ensure that opportunities are available for people to take steps of growth, connection and engagement. These opportunities will help shape disciples, strengthen relationships and activate people’s faith.

Tonight, we’ll introduce initiatives like groups, neighborhood advocates, classes, events, weekly onramps for growth and engagement practices or “way finding” proposals that could shape our future and assist in “closing the back door.”

We’ve revamped our data support systems to assist in this venture. We’ve poured in resources and hired additional staff to launch with success. We’ve restructured, re-tooled and re-visited what really matters.

It’s about making disciples. This principle is integrated through all our programming, offerings and plans for the future. It’s important. In fact, I remember reading that somewhere before. It seemed like it was in red letters.

So what will it take for this new venture to succeed? More than anything, I believe it’s a team with passion to see everyone connected and on a path of growth in their walks with Christ.

Our lead pastor has asked so many times, “Which way are your feet pointed?” and has said such profound statements as, “If you keep walking this direction [as he illustrates], you’ll end up over here.”

That next step is hard,” Dr. Beeson continues. “If it wasn’t, we’d already have taken it.” (On a side note, I love it when he lobs softballs like this right across the plate! It’s really not rocket science.)

Our hope in all of this is that we’ll make it easy for everyone to know the options that will assist in that walk or offer opportunities that will take some of the difficulty out of that step.

Perhaps your church has already activated such a ministry. If so, I would love to hear your successes, your best practices and your challenges. Email me at and let me know your thoughts.

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