Gift of Time

Posted: December 17, 2013 in Granger Community Church, Heart, Team

‘Tis the season when many make a conscious decision to “give above and beyond their normal giving” to assure our community knows that they matter to God.

Teams of volunteers (who are already engaged in ministry all year long) recognize the opportunity to offer more of their most precious gift — time — so that the most precious gift can be shared and experienced this season.

Volunteers not only recognized this chance, but are taking full advantage of the occasion by serving in a hundred different capacities year-round. They serve out of the love of changed hearts so that the experience of thousands and thousands will be enriched. They are part of presenting the hope of the world through this local Body.

Last week it struck me once again that there are just so many things that happen behind the scenes. If it weren’t for these amazing volunteers, these special touches just wouldn’t get blog test

Have you ever considered that during this season about 30,000 programs get stuffed? Ever take time to consider that someone placed in holders and prayed over candles for 10,000 guests?  Have you ever asked who gets here at 6:00 AM in close to zero temperature to clear the lots and sidewalks or who runs traffic for special events and weekends? Maybe you wonder just who is it that arranges for 200 gifts to be distributed to children in the inner city? Did you know that someone actually prepared meals for the artists who gave thousands of hours for the Christmas production? Yep, thousands of hours. Volunteers built the sets for the production…and volunteers will tear it down too. Or who even comes back to clean up the used candles and clean all the wax out? It’s sure not any of Santa’s helpers. 

People serve outrageously all year long. When one’s heart has been changed, you can’t help but give back. There are a bunch of things happening this season to take away obstacles for those who’ve been invited to hear about and receive that same gift of a changed heart. I’m grateful this season for those who’ve joined in the call.

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