Guest Services Training

Posted: October 15, 2012 in Granger Community Church, Leadership, Team

We’ve just celebrated an amazing conference here at GCC called ReInnovate. Many, including myself, left with a lot of new tools in the box to reach others outside the box:) As always, there were arts that spoke to the heart, opened our eyes, and left attendees with ideas that will revitalize the true meaning of  “the church”.

I had the honor to catch up with some friends, meet some new ministry partners, and be reminded once again of what a privilege it is to be a part of this local effort to resource the body of Christ.

Today I want to share with you another tool that will go a long way in helping your leaders and volunteer teams grasp some of the best practices in guest services.  It’s a video training that Mark Waltz has made available. I’ve copied his post and summary here.

Often times, the barriers that keep guests from returning are the “first impressions” that we’ve not trained our teams to make. We’re just like you; in that, we want our guests to come back! We want them to hear the life-changing message of Christ. We want them taking next steps, growing and engaging their faith 24/7.

Mark won’t say it, but just like his books, there are no better tools available on the planet to help your teams rise beyond the expectations of any guest entering your facility. In this video production, you’ll find effective and practical training that will remove many of those obstacles standing in the way of achieving that goal. They’ll help you take these practices outside the walls of the building where you meet. In addition to providing specific training to your teams, there’s a special session for leaders that gets to the core of great volunteer leadership.

Invest in the commitment of resourcing your teams and leaders. You’ll find a snippet here…You’ll not regret it.

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