Change is Good!

Posted: June 6, 2012 in Granger Community Church, Leadership, Team

In case you’ve not heard, Granger Community Church is within weeks of completing the expansion of our newly developed Atrium space. In my 17 years with the ministry here, there has never been more happening at one time.  There’s a wave of excitement in every department while nearly every ministry team is experiencing, or soon to be experiencing, change. It’s just the New Normal…,and I like it!

Here’s a thought that came to mind recently as I considered all that’s in front of our Guest Services teams. Whenever a change of this magnitude happens, it’s a great time to cast vision for additional changes you’ve dreamed of or thought should have happened long ago or to just process with leaders about what’s effective and…well, what’s in need of tweaking.

This newly developed Atrium space, and all that goes with it, is but one part of the global change happening here at GCC. We’re laser-focused on what it takes to reach our communities for Christ. This Atrium space is part of the 2016 Vision, and it’s going to change the way our Guest Services teams interact. It will create opportunities we’ve not had before. There’s a sign posted in the construction “window” for our teams and guests to consider-it reads, in part:

Think about a comfortable and artistic place that’s open to the regional community during the week, not just for Granger church people or services. Everything will be designed as an invitation—from soft seating with conversations and mini-meetings in mind to inspirational retail, from quality food and beverages to good music. People will meet and friends can gather—no strings attached. Think of this campus as the building where the church gathers, not a place that is the church itself.

Bring friends who might not be willing to sit in the auditorium in a straight row, but would feel more comfortable sitting in a soft chair or at a cafe table with you while sipping a latte or eating a sandwich.

In addition to the change in physical space and logistics for our teams and guests, we’re examining ways to strengthen our teams as well. Here’s something we’re taking from our Elkhart Campus. Beginning sometime in August, all Guest Services team members, (normally 50 per service) will “huddle” before each day’s services before being sent to ministry points. It won’t be a long gathering, but I’m convinced it will bring unity and a better understanding of the big picture. It’s a time to cast vision, share best practices and experiences, encourage one another and most importantly, corporately seek God’s help and blessing on what’s about to happen.

Change is good, and when combined with an opportune time, it can be great.

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