Want to Have Great Teams? Train Great Leaders

Posted: April 24, 2012 in Encouragement, Leadership, Team

Allow me, if you will, to put on my Director of Volunteer Involvement hat and share a few thoughts with you that I’ve just shared with some staff members. I’ve asked them to consider again, how to build into their leaders so that those same leaders will lead with strength. Here’s how it went:

Recently, I’ve been reminded to look at a few important things to keep in front of any team leader you’ve entrusted to lead. Perhaps you’ve nailed all of these- we’ve heard them all before. Maybe this is just an exercise for me but I figured I’d send it along to let you assess how you’re doing with it too.

As for me, I’ve once again learned that there is nothing more important than keeping the vision of your ministry in front of your leaders and requiring them to keep that in front of their team-your teams. How do you do that? You have to communicate with them….and often. What do you communicate? Things like:

  • Clarify the win for your team, your ministry. Share with your leaders what really matters as they lead those God has entrusted them with. Make sure your leaders know that what they’re doing is making a difference-more importantly, make sure they communicate that to their team members
  • Communicate your expectations with your leaders so they know what’s required of them as they lead those who make your ministries a life changing force. Things like follow through, like best practices for your ministry. Develop a set of expectations for your leaders and ask how that’s going
  • Encourage your leaders, build into them so they will model the same for their team members. Set the example by sending them the notes, by calling them without an “ask,” by sharing stories of impact that happen because of their ministry, by knowing their spouse’s name or their cats name
  • Care for your leaders in their time of need, again, so they will care for their teams. Pray for them, let them know you’re praying and ask them to do the same for their team members
  • Be present for your leaders and their teams, make the time to be social and expect them to offer the same for the team they lead

As you know, I didn’t come up with this stuff, I just know that when applied, it works. You’re teams will rock when these things are happening and when a team rocks, our ministries impact will rock, and when our ministries rock, changed lives happen-not only those we intend to reach with our ministry but for team members on the journey with us.

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