Great Guest Services Experience

Posted: April 4, 2012 in Team

It was only a few short weeks ago that my wife and I were able to venture off to the high seas! Yep, our two sons purchased a 7 day Caribbean Cruise with Norwegian (NCL) for our 35th anniversary.

Before sailing off, it was hard for us to imagine, short of a Concordia disaster or food poisoning, what a bad cruise could be. Because of our experience, I now have a base for what a great cruise should be.  NCL set the bar pretty high.

Going into this thing, we paid $25 a day for gratuity, charged to our account, regardless of our activity! On top of that, for every purchase that required a signature, there was an 18% gratuity added! So what would make me want to throw two dollar tips around like old gum? I’m telling you, it didn’t seem like enough for how “Mr. Bradley” and Ms. Claudia were treated. OK-now you know my first name.  J

Even the broken English when struggling to pronounce our last name was warm and unexpected. Here are a few other things that surprised us:

  • Rooms cleaned twice a day
  • Towels crafted as different animals every evening
  • Remarkable service in the dining areas
  • Follow through with our requests
  • Table servers remembering our names
  • Clean surroundings and outrageous requests answered
  • Free smiles everywhere
  • Bar waiters remembering our names and drink preferences
  • Waiters spritzing us at poolside

Two ways to look at this: the first is that we (our kids) paid a bunch of money in non-optional gratuity so we should have been treated well.  We went with the optional view, to reward great service and to express our thanks with some extra good old fashioned green-backs. In addition, I see no reason at all, should God bless us again, to look further than NCL.

I’m just sayin’ that it was like leaving family on our departure. We took pictures with them, thanked them by name and even filled out one of those surveys normally tossed like, again, old gum.

Our entire experience left me wondering what extra steps can our teams take every weekend to WOW our guests? The extras that will make them ask “Why would we look further than this church that went out of their way at every step to make us feel like family?”  This link will give you at least a hundred of them.  I suggest you pick it up!

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