Reflections-LifeServe 2011

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Encouragement, Leadership, Team

Last week, I returned from the LifeServe conference in Louisville, KY. It seemed to me that since this conference was focused on the ministry I’m charged with, I thought this might be worth attending so I could learn from and connect with others about this whole “engaging” process.

Six months ago – when I investigated the conference – I discovered that my boss, Mark Waltz (the guru of Guest Services himself), would be one of the conference leaders teaching. So, it seemed only natural to make the trip with him. On a side note: His teachings were amazing! If I could have given each attendee a collection of his books, the world of Guest Services in our churches would be changed forever.

Here’s what I’ve been convinced of over the last 10 years. Granger Community Church has always been a leading force in creating a culture of volunteerism and leadership. We’ve learned from the very best around the country and have developed our share of inspiration over the years as well.

So here’s what I sought God for before leaving on our eight-hour flight to Kentucky – and if you’re doing the math, you’re realizing that there were flight issues from Northern Indiana. That may be a post for another time 🙂

I sought God for three things:

Let me gain from the wisdom of others

Allow me to speak into the lives of a few ministry attendees

Help me to leave with a few new friends in ministry.

Photo Credit: Tim Bath

God is so good. He inspired me once again from the incredible ministry and teaching of others on this journey. He spoke to me through much of what I’ve always known. He spoke to me through others as they shared insight on their strategies to engage volunteers and guests who attend their church. God allowed me the incredible privilege of sharing principles that have worked so well in our culture with others who are on the journey.

I left knowing that although I have a bunch of head knowledge when it comes to practices and principles, I have yet to go so far in the application realm. I’m grateful for that challenge and awareness. It will make me a better leader and it has encouraged me to push even harder toward obtaining goals, creating environments of growth and establishing opportunities for communicating vision to those engaged in the process with me locally.

God allowed me to meet others whom I’ve followed or have followed the path Christ has led our church leadership on for almost 25 years. These great leaders I met have a fresh vision and passion for their ministries. They refreshed me through engaging conversations and enthusiasm that could not be bridled.

Once again, I’m focused and grateful to God – the creator of the universe – who spoke into me through the Church across the country where He is at work.

I’m blessed. So blessed.

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