Volunteer Rockstar|Mark Scott

Posted: June 21, 2011 in Leadership, Team, Volunteer Rockstars

Who is this guy who shows up with teams of gifted construction workers to gut an entire building and transform it into a place that rocks our community with the love of Christ?  An entire building would be an understatement-more like an entire block.

Mark Scott would be the first to tell you that it’s a team of volunteers who’s combined effort has impacted the community for Christ. He’s right too-without his team little would have happened. That’s not the point though.  Mark’s been leading charge with this ministry for several years and because of his love for a transformed heart, he’s willing to give hundreds of hours every year to make sure things continue to happen.

Jack Magruder, Director of Life Missions for Granger Community Church puts it this way:

“Mark is one of the most ‘all in’ people that I have ever met.  Nothing in his life is off-limits from Jesus or his devotion to the Kingdom of God.  In all aspects and spheres of his life and world, Mark simply brings all that he is and all that he has to bear to whatever mission is at hand.  His family serves both as individuals and as a group in a variety of capacities on and off-campus, and Mark brings his workplace and business expertise as a master builder and construction company owner to projects ranging from MC3 to 2nd Saturday to the Veteran’s Center initiative.  He leads the GCC Construction Team, is incredibly generous with his time, his finances, his talents and his resources, and can always be counted on to not only show up, but deliver with excellence on any project.”

Mark will always shine the light back to Jesus and his team, and he’s not willing to let that light stop as long as long as God gives him breath.  Mark’s a leader of leaders, pulling in partners and resources in the community for an impact that goes far beyond what his incredible team could do on their own. When recently asked to take on the directorship role for the renovation of the Veterans Center in South Bend Indiana, Mark accepted the challenge under the condition that the entire forced salary would be used to purchase all the tools and equipment the team called Carpenters Hands Ministry will ever need. Can you say generous? Amazing.

If there’s one thing this Rockstar hates, it’s any type of recognition that points to him. Fortunate for me, he’s not my editor. To Mark, it’s all about team and following God’s call.

Mark’s team of volunteers will forever be grateful for his vision, leadership, his care, his compassion and drive that takes on projects of seemingly enormous unreachable goals.  He and his team, transform not only buildings, but lives so that Jesus is honored and hearts and lives can be changed for eternity.

Thank you Mark Scott for making a difference in not only the lives of volunteers but in the lives of those who are the recipients of Christ’s love through your leadership.

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