“Clarify the Win” Part 3

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Team

If you’re just joining the post, you’ll need to jump back here to get the context 🙂

(Guest Services, Team Members)

“Clarifying the Win” in Guest Services means executing your giftedness and ministry so that a complete stranger will know they matter to God. Here are a few questions for our incredible volunteers who make it all happen:

  • Are you showing up expecting to make a difference?  Do you believe in the “win” enough to show up with excitement and urgency for the ministry, anticipating God to work through you?
  • Are you reaching out to a team member or engaging a guest with hospitality beyond the norm so that they know you care and are convinced that they matter to God?
  • Are you praying at your “post” over that program you’re about to pass on to a guest, that driver in the parking lot or that mother waiting patiently to check in her most valued possession? Are you praying not because a leader has pointed it out, but because you’ve decided that it’s time to kick it up a notch? It will make a difference in how our guests know they are loved.
  • Are you, as a team member, recognizing the high calling of ministry that is often the first step of engagement for guests who are not sure they matter to anyone, let alone the creator God of the universe?
  • As “boots on the ground,” are you seeking to recall the name of that one guest God may have placed in your path? Are you looking for opportunities to be “Jesus with Skin” to that person next time you’re ministering?

There is a need to “Clarify the Win” in every organization and how that’s accomplished at every level of an organization will differ. Other than our tax-exempt status, the Church is no different.  Our “product” just happens to be moving people closer to Christ while communicating, at every level, our win – that they matter to God.


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