“Clarify the Win”

Posted: May 23, 2011 in Encouragement, Leadership, Team

For a little over a year now, I’ve had the opportunity to lead point on the Volunteer Ministries of Granger Community Church. Most recently, I’ve been asked to lead our Guest Services team here on the Granger Campus as my boss, Mark Waltz, pastors the Elkhart Campus. The good news in this second challenge is that there are some great leaders in place who’ve sat under Mark’s tutelage (did I just type that word?) for a long time.  This additional responsibility has given me reason to revisit some basic leadership teachings on team development as it relates specifically to Guest Services here at GCC.

Digging through some early goals I set a year ago, I came across a notation to apply a simple Andy Stanley principle: “Clarify the Win.” That seemed like a great place to start when developing a strategy for volunteer care and connection.  In any organization, clarifying the win is not only different because of the organization, but also accomplished differently depending on the level of one’s leadership role.

For example, let’s say that the win for the Guest Services department is communicating in such a way that people know that they matter to God. That win is accomplished and communicated at several ways and at different levels of leadership.

In Part 1 of this post, I want to look at how the staff might “clarify the win” to their volunteer leaders. Tomorrow, we’ll look at how these same volunteer leaders can then translate the win – communicating so people know they matter to God – to other volunteers who serve so faithfully on their teams. On Wednesday, I’ll explain how these same team members go about bringing value to our guests so they know that they matter to God.

(Guest Services, Staff)

  •  As staff, are we empowering and encouraging our leaders because they matter or are we doing it because we’ve got to “get it done?
  •  As staff, are we building a sense of community among those we lead because we’ve been reminded to or because our leaders matter?
  •  As staff, are we praying for our leaders to just “get it off the list” or is it because we love them and are passionate about God’s best for them?
  •  As staff, are we continually communicating (verbal and non-verbal) the importance of the individual and the ministry?  Do they know we’re there for them and available to help them accomplish ministry goals for their team members?
  • As staff, have we communicated that our leaders matter to God by having the difficult conversations when our leaders are out of alignment with God’s will for their life?
  • This one’s going to hurt: As staff, have we led the way by setting aside time when we serve others outside of when our “official” staff hat is on? Have we purposed to serve others outside of our job description- so others know they matter to God?
  • As staff, have we communicated that people matter by the way we speak with fellow staffers about others? Yep, there are conversations that have to happen at a staff level but are those conversations tendered with compassion while honoring those who serve Christ through our ministries?
  • Finally, have we, as staff, communicated that our leaders matter by giving our time to minister to them?

In closing this first of three posts, I’ll confess that I’ve had to work through all of these and have yet to master any of them.  I’m aware of them and have made great progress so that my leaders will know without a doubt that they matter to God and, therefore, they matter to me.

Tomorrow, I’ll have some questions for our leaders that will help them communicate to their team members that they matter to God.

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