You’re Invited

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Encouragement, Leadership, Team

We’re running a VolunTOUR at GCC this weekend! I’m juiced because the upfront work is done. We selected the weekend long ago to match the message content. The promotion’s been out there for weeks as well. The bonus is that there’s a supporting media that shows hundreds of volunteers in action. The printed materials are ready and the tour stations are set. Our guides and leaders are ready.

Mark Beeson will invite guests (as only Mark can do) after each service to check it out, which will successfully challenge many. I’ve made it easy: I’ve linked emails with the information, written extensively about the benefits of volunteering in a dozen posts and I’m talking about it everyday.

As great as the tour is – and as ready for the tour as we are – there’s still nothing better than an invite from a friend (It’s that shoulder tap thing). There’s no magic bullet when it comes to motivating people out of the seat they’ve grown comfortable in. There are systems up front that can be worked on and there are programs we can all utilize but nothing will replace the one-on-one conversations or the “ask.”

What if everyone asked just one friend to check out the VolunTOUR? Did you ever think of the impact that might make on our churches, on our ministries or, especially, on our people? What if each of us (as fully committed Christ followers) was determined to point at least one person we knew toward an opportunity, to look at a next step, a step that could change them forever?  You think I’m exaggerating? Nope. I’m convinced a well-functioning team can transform the life of anyone instantly and, quite possibly, during their greatest time of need.

Here’s the bottom line on this one: If we’re not willing to make the “ask” – if we decide that we’ll let someone else shoulder that end of the responsibility – then perhaps it’s time to re-examine our roles as leaders.  Are we teaching the tools without utilizing them ourselves? Are we as motivated as those who serve with us, work for us and give beyond their forty?

Commit to ask; we all have someone in mind.


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