Excuses, Excuses. Top 10 cont.

Posted: January 12, 2011 in Team

#1 “I’m too busy to serve.”

Although I’m not ranking these excuses, it seems that if there were a number one reason, this would be it. There are seasons in everyone’s life where it seems like everything’s piling up. I get that. I also get that a season might just put you on the bench for a while, too; the job, the kids, the other job, the projects around the house, the kid’s illnesses, the tragic news that your spouse has cancer and even the death of a beloved one. These all can shift our focus off God.

Can I tell you about a man I know – let’s call him Dale (because that’s his real name). For years, Dale would invest one weekend a month running camera for our I-Mag team. It’s a challenging role as one weekend at GCC involves four services, each with its own rehearsal beforehand. Once a month, Dale chose to take this on in addition to the other ministries that he and his late wife, Kristy, were involved in. Dale chose to serve through all of the obstacles above. He’s modeled a servant’s heart for his eight children – yes, I said eight.  I think I’ll just stop and say that if your excuse is that you’re too busy to serve, you need to prayerfully consider the “Dale Factor” and determine if there really is no margin for some type of ministry.  Serving is a choice; perhaps not always a convenient one, but definitely one that leaves a positive impact.

#2 “I didn’t get anything out of it.”

Although this needs to be addressed, I would contend that first of all, it’s not about you. Your needs are not the point here. It’s a shame (see excuse #3) that you were not exposed to the incredible benefits of a well-functioning team but, really, serving is about giving. It’s about following the call of your heart as you are made aware of a need that fits your gifting. It’s about stepping up to help engage others so they can know Christ or to freely offer to give that “cold cup of water” to those without, thus modeling the love of Christ. Really, are you going to use this excuse? Others have, but I hope you’re too smart for that.

#3 “No one appreciated my time.”

Well, shame on us as leaders. I say that with complete sincerity. If we, as staff and ministry leaders, have not done our job by encouraging you on the path, we’ve been negligent. If we’ve failed to build a community of teammates where your name is known, your hurts are prayed for, time is set aside for friendship and conversation, opportunities are made for you to tell your story and you’re encouraged to listen, then we’ve dropped the ball.

If the impact of your ministry isn’t communicated and you’re not told “well done,” then shame on us. But please recognize that there’s room for growth in all of us. Challenge yourself to step up to model community to others as you serve so that no one has an excuse to say you’re not. The needs of the world are too big to allow our mistakes to cause us to loose heart and not engage in the call we’ve all been given. Trust me on this one – our Father sees and knows our hearts.  If the motive is pure, you’ll get an affirmation from the One that matters.

Three more next week-

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