The VolunTOUR-What Makes it Work?

Posted: November 29, 2010 in Granger Community Church, Team

All of the following are key factors in a successful “VolunTOUR”. They all carry great weight and are randomly listed.

Tour Guides: We’ve discovered that it’s of great benefit if the guides have the “DNA” of the church built in them.  Not only is it helpful for them to have a great understanding of the mission, vision and values of your church but a broad understanding of the ministries you offer.  They need to communicate with ease, all of this without reading a script to your guests. They represent your church, your ministries and MVV’s-be wise.

Promotion: Like anything, it’s a good idea to start talking about this a few weeks in advance. Let your existing teams know that they can invite others to at least look at the opportunities available.  Promote it from the screens, the web, announcements or media. Build the buzz-people often want to know what’s available.

Timing: A well-timed Tour is critical. If it’s perceived as an “add on” to the service, it will get lost in the myriad of great things your communicating over the weekend or at the event. Wrap it around a series on serving or giving or relationship. If not wrapped in a series, talk about it as an addendum within the message. Communicate the opportunity with a serving media. A well thought out Tour is going to yield a great turnout.

Follow Through: Nothing is worse than having all your ducks in order and fail on the last step.  Our guests are waiting for the follow through.  It often may not seem that way when your emails are not answered or phone calls not returned, but when we do our part right, the Spirit will open doors down the road. Besides that, it’s just good manors!

Preparation: Having accurate information for your guides, printouts that reflect current dates, clipboards and pens that work are no brainers. Having tour guides scheduled and communications to team leaders along with a plan for follow through are not going to hurt you either. Have the promotions running well ahead of time and build the anticipation.

Other Factors: A couple of “mock tours” were helpful to our tour guides. It gave us an opportunity to talk through some of big picture things we wanted to communicate. Things like “it’s about relationship”, a chance to rehearse a two minute discourse on a SHAPE. It’s important to keep these tours to 20 minutes-we’re still working on that one. And finally, utilize these tours in smaller venues.  They need not be church wide events, as a matter of fact, in our smaller gatherings of 25 or more we’ve had a very positive response.

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