VolunTOUR| “Inviting” Strategy

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Everything Else, Granger Community Church, Leadership

In a previous post, I pointed to a couple of GCC staff leaders who’ve outlined two of the most successful tools to build volunteer teams in the church today.  These inviting strategies, if implemented, will always be the two most effective, long-term solutions to maintaining volunteer involvement that currently exists.

I want to turn a page and speak of a corporate tool that has the capacity to engage a bunch of people all at once. Let’s assume that you’re working hard at the care and connection infrastructure that needs to be in place. Remember, without all of that in the equation, you’ll never – I repeat, never – have teams that will ultimately be considered strong.

Several years ago I was approached by a fellow staffer about an idea to invite others to explore ministry opportunities in the church. Shelly Arredondo revealed a brilliant concept that our team now calls VolunTOUR. It took me about 15 seconds to realize that this had the potential to be one of the great tools for inviting others to investigate ministry offerings. Under the leadership of Tammy Michael, we’ve placed hundreds of volunteers in ministries where they continue to serve and grow.

About once a quarter a team of four tour guides will be strategically stationed at the back of the auditorium with signage that simply reads “VolunTOUR.”  Our guests have been introduced to the tour during announcements in previous week messages or online via our web site. Guides are equipped with clipboards for everyone who takes the tour and attached, are these documents for the 25 minutes we’ll have to share with our guests. The first couple of minutes are the formalities where we share what it means to be on mission, on a team that’s making a difference.

Let the tour begin: Each guide takes their separate route through the building, stopping at four or five low traffic areas to explain multiple opportunities of interest. Our guides, equipped with a ringed “cheat guide” talk through (really fast) about 60 possible ministries within our six “big buckets.” Guests are asked to make notations on up to three possible interests. Questions can be answered and conversations had during the walk as our guests explore first-hand what opportunities are available to them.

At the end of the VolunTOUR, guests are asked to turn in one of the two sheets that have their contact information with up to three ministries they would like to be contacted about. The information is then tabulated the following Monday and dispersed to ministry department representatives who have agreed to contact our guests within 72 hours. At the time of this contact, ministry specific questions are answered and opportunities for a next-step meeting, training or paperwork (if required) are offered. That’s the short-details to follow this week.


  1. Larry Baxter says:

    Looking forward to hearing more of your insights on engaging volunteers, Kim! Got pointed over to your blog via a tweet by Mark Waltz. I definitely like the VolunTour and Rockstar shout-out ideas 🙂 I’m the Volunteer Ministry Champion at Calvary Baptist Church in West Lafayette, Indiana – and a volunteer myself that loves to encourage and equip!

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  3. Shannon P Albrecht says:

    LOVE this! Thanks so much for sharing!

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