Mary Nagy and Austin Shultz|Volunteer Rockstars

Posted: November 15, 2010 in Heart, Team, Volunteer Rockstars

I’m going to call these Rock Stars the dynamic duo of volunteerism at Granger Community Church (GCC). As always, my goal is to keep this post short – this is a difficult task when these two individuals do so much.

Mary and her son, Austin, have dedicated a number of years to Son City Kids, a ministry of the Monroe Circle Community Center (MC3) in South Bend, Ind. MC3’s goal is to transform an environment of low-income, subsidized housing into a vibrant, self-sufficient community. Son City Kids aims to provide after-school mentoring and tutoring, artistic programs and Christ-centered lesson plans to show love and hope to the children of these lower-income families. Mary and Austin spend countless hours each month giving their time to Son City Kids and to other MC3 programs.

I’m told that when you watch Mary in action at Son City Kids, there’s complete focus and dedication to engage the children. Because of Mary and Austin, these at-risk children are fed physically, spiritually, creatively and educationally; it’s no wonder they’re adored by the kids. The Son City Kids team leaders have expressed that they consider this duo to be the model and example of a successful relationship between those being served and those doing the serving.

When Austin isn’t being a role model for kids, you can find him behind a camera serving on our I-Mag team. What a gift he is to us. He has a natural tendency to point his camera in the right spot at the right time. That Austin takes on the additional responsibility of other ministries shows how much passion and commitment he has toward serving others; whether it’s with kids or behind a camera, Austin shines in the volunteer spotlight.

Mary and Austin are also regulars on the Guest Services team, where they can be seen assisting guests most every weekend. In addition, they both serve in Guest Services during our Wednesday Journey classes and 1st Wednesday services (when Austin’s not running a camera). They are the first to volunteer at MC3 as well as at the church during workshops and conferences for our WiredChurches ministry.

No matter their circumstances, Mary and Austin never question that their continued mission is to do God’s work. With Austin always at her side, Mary says, “I know God has a plan for me.” And so they continue to relentlessly serve so others can see Jesus. It never ceases to amaze me to see how Mary and Austin always seem to find more of themselves to pour into others. There’s no question; they are Rock Stars.

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