Two Teachings That Will Change Your Ministry

Posted: October 27, 2010 in Abilities, Granger Community Church, Leadership, Team

After nine months in my “new” position as Director of Volunteer Involvement at GCC, I’m convinced more than ever of the effectiveness of two key teachings that have been around our church for many years. Maybe you haven’t heard of them or, possibly, you have but weren’t aware of the implications as to how they could rock your ministry.

I’m referring to the “Shoulder Tap” and the “90-Second Ask.” Before you shut down and think, “I’ve heard this teaching before,” I’m asking you to consider examining each of these with a renewed passion. They are truly the most effective ways we can invite our circle of friends into life-changing environments.

Each approach has been well documented by two of our lead pastors, Tim Stevens and Mark Waltz. I’ve included a full explanation of each in two documents that can be read here and here.  Each document is two pages long and, while I encourage you to read them both, you can continue reading here for the Reader’s Digest version.

The “Shoulder Tap” simply acknowledges the fact that our friends and acquaintances – inside or outside the church – are more likely to make a decision to cross the line and become “involved” because that invitation has come from someone they know. What our friends don’t realize is that we’re inviting them into a community that is not only about serving, but also about being part of a team. More importantly, you’re inviting them into an experience where all of the benefits described in the previous 10 posts are lived out.

“The 90-Second Ask” acknowledges three steps of simple teaching that every ministry leader and team member can apply. The first step tells us to affirm what we see in your friends – and who doesn’t want to be affirmed! The second step involves opening the door to honestly state, “Because of the way I see you (friend’s name), I think you’d be in your element volunteering in (volunteer hot spot).” The third step cements “the ask”; now you get to tell your own story on how volunteering in an area of your giftedness has made an impact on your life. We all have stories of how our life is better because of our ministry and the relationships we’ve built through them. Maybe it’s the encouragement or acknowledgement from others – the point is, share it! It brings you encouragement while encouraging others.

Again, these documents are 5 minute reads and have the potential to not only change your teams, but to make an impact on the life of someone who’s yet to realize two key elements of every team: Your friend can make a positive impact on another as they decide to give of themselves AND at the same time, begin to have people build into them the very things I pray you’ve experienced as a team member.

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