Kathy Geisel|Volunteer Rockstar

Posted: October 19, 2010 in Heart, Leadership, Team, Volunteer Rockstars

I remember the day that I first met this Volunteer Rock Star.  Kathy Geisel came to a gathering of about 80 people close to 10 years ago to hear about volunteer opportunities in the Arts.  It was a great night of enthusiasm and in many ways was a shift in volunteerism within the department. Kathy, although having no tech experience, had a heart to just get involved.  It was a mustard seed thing.

Because of her heart to serve, it didn’t take long for her to engage.  She hasn’t stopped or slowed down since. Kathy is a valuable member of the GCC staff, the only difference is she doesn’t get a check. That makes her just like one of thousands who serves on any of the hundreds of ministry offerings here at Granger Community Church.

What has launched her into the realm of Rock Star is her tenacity for taking on new projects, and sticking with them until she owns them. I used to concern myself with her devotion, commitment, time and energy she poured into the ministry.   Then one day she firmly told me, “Kim, this is golf for me.“  Talk about an effective use of a word picture.  I understood for the first time what it meant to be serving with in ones SHAPE.

Kathy has owned a few ministries over the years.  Currently, she leads a gifted team simply called “Words Team”.  This team assures the words to the music appear at the right time on the screen for our guests to see.  Sounds easy right-I challenge you to try it.

In addition to leading the care and connection, scheduling and all the other intricacies of that ministry, Kathy assures that all of the text for our mid week Journey Classes and First Wednesday services are ready for the operators of the classes. She runs the presentation on Wednesdays in the center of the auditorium.  I can’t begin to tell you the patience one must have to deal with the last minute changes there.  She would just liken that to hitting a great shot out of the sand.

For years, this incredible servant of God would prepare all of the Core Class presentations and lead that team of volunteers as well. More bunker shots than you can imagine and it didn’t even slow her down. Try this for patience-scheduling band and vocal members for weekends. Yep, she’s done that too.

I have no clue what devotion like this is now days, you see, I draw a check.  I’ll never stop giving thanks for Rock Stars like Kathy. As Mark Beeson would say-she’s a giant slayer.

  1. Ruth says:

    I’ve known this lady for many years. Yep, you described her perfectly!

  2. Julie Smies says:

    I don’t even know what it’s like to have to worry/wonder if the teacher’s class material will end up on the screens, everything formatted and spelled correctly. I don’t have to worry/wonder because Kathy’s got it for me. That’s worth more than I can say. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know her better over the last few years and knowing that, even if she wasn’t volunteering in an area that I oversee, I’d still want to have lunch with her. Love you Kathy! So glad Kim has now told the world one of the many facets of you!

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