Greg Koczan|Volunteer Rockstar

Posted: October 14, 2010 in Granger Community Church, Heart, Volunteer Rockstars

Do you ever just drive through the campus here at GCC and wonder how 18 acres  of campus always manages to look so green? Could it be that God looks down on the campus with favor and sends an isolated rain shower at just the appropriate time? Or more realistically you’ve thought it’s just another paid staff member managing the 1,670 sprinkler heads.

I’m about to expose to you a Volunteer Rock Star who ‘s been around our campus since 2000.  He’s not only “been around” but he’s been actively involved in a couple different departments for a decade. For the last seven years, Greg Koczan’s been serving on the Facility Care/Grounds team, managing the miles and miles of sprinkler lines that keep this place “attractional”. Depending on the week, you’ll see him here anywhere from five to twenty hours a week. Isn’t that amazing! What a gift, what a heart.

Have you ever had trouble keeping your three zones working at home? I do…and Greg’s the guy I pay to fix them too. Greg assures that the 100 zones on our campus are leak free and timed with efficiency and regularity.  He “walks the line” every month to assure “all systems are go”. He blows them out in the fall and turns them on in the spring and everything in between.  What a blessing.

Maybe you’re thinking he then travels to Florida for a few months of R&R. Nope-not Greg. He then volunteers on a team that keeps the 11,000 running feet of sidewalk clear from that white stuff.  Not only the sidewalks, he helps the Winter Grounds team to keep the parking lots clear-helping to save the church thousands and thousands of dollars in a year. Now there’s a great ministry opportunity!

If you see this guy, honk at him and wave.  Chances are pretty good he’ll not notice you because of the focus and attention he gives his ministry….but honk and wave anyway!  Thank you Greg for a behind the scenes ministry that attracts people to the campus so they can hear about Christ.  Its drawn more people than you might think. You’re a blessing to your church-a Rock Star serving beyond the call of duty so that others can meet the Christ.

  1. Lori Lohmeyer says:

    Thank you, Greg! Everyone on the Campus Operations Team is cheering for you. You truly are a rock star!

    • Tom Zachary says:

      Words cannot not express my gratitude for you and all the effort you put forth to keep the campus as beautiful as it is!!!.
      You are a rock star!!!

  2. Julie Smies says:

    You’re more than a rock star and if all I can do is thank you with candy corn, please let me! 🙂

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