Encouraging Volunteers|A Good Starting Place

Posted: August 5, 2010 in Encouragement, Team

Over the last few posts, I’ve looked at the “why” behind rethinking how we might have viewed “Team Strength”. What I want to look at next is to consider some practical ideas that might allow leaders to strengthen their volunteer base through Intentional Team Development.

Without getting “listy”-(my editor didn’t even have to remind me that’s not a word) here’s the plan. Let’s just pick some from these posts, give them a shot and see if they make a difference. I’ll stake my job on them or I wouldn’t waste your time.

Let’s start by considering some things that you can do to Encourage your volunteers.  Here’s a good place to start: Know their name! I’m not suggesting that if you are responsible for a department team of 100 volunteers that they are under your “span of care”.  We should all have leaders for our various teams that offer that care, encouragement, and opportunities for connectedness our volunteers seek.  Other volunteers who connect with team members, someone in our volunteer’s life needs to know their hurts and needs, their celebrations, kids, etc.

What I’m suggesting is that, as ministry leaders, if we have team members who have served for years and years on a team we’re responsible for, then yes, we should simply know their names.

They should be more to us than “that guy who’s been helping every other weekend for a few years-you know the guy-his wife serves with him.”  Please understand my heart in this. We’re all busy leaders and have to-do lists that don’t stop.  What I’m saying is that we might need to prioritize our responsibilities to include this simple-yet critical step.

For many with very large teams, this isn’t something that’s going to get fixed in a month or two. I guarantee that I’ve forgotten more names than I know over the years, but I’m going to keep asking their names because I want to know them. It’s a value that speaks loud.

What do you think? One down, 3, 209 ideas to go.

  1. […] addition to just knowing their name, our volunteers feel valued and honored when they know we care.  Not too many things speak louder […]

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