What’s the “Win” | Conclusion

Posted: August 2, 2010 in Team

In continuing with some thoughts shared recently, I wanted to conclude this three-part explanation of the “Why” behind this post and this one as well.  The principles of the “How” will follow in the weeks to come.

Our volunteers, like yours, make decisions to serve for any number of reasons. Here are a few that have been documented. Our Volunteers:

  • Buy into the Leader
  • Value the Task
  • Are Invited
  • Feel Guilty
  • Feel a Calling to Participate
  • Seek Community and Relationship

These are all legit reasons our people make decisions to give ministry a try, but there’s also a reality that accompanies any of the reasons listed above. In fact, it’s a truth we’ve learned to internalize if our volunteer teams are going to flourish and last: It’s all about Relationship, Community and a “Mission from God” type of attitude that we embody and keep in front of our teams.  Really, that’s a pretty good reason why God wants to equip staff leaders.

Long after the draw of the “value of the task” or after the “buy in of the leader” fades, when the guilt of not serving wears off or after a few summer weekends of serving (even in our SHAPE), we better have systems in place that build into volunteers the things they are ultimately seeking or we’ll find ourselves in a perpetual state of “filling slots” for our ministries, never fulfilling our roles as leaders.

If I could bottom line it, it would sound something like this: We need to begin to build into our ministry teams a generic structure of best practices where, although volunteers may come for any number of reasons, they’ll stay because the value of “team” is so embedded in the DNA of our ministries that they could not envision “church” without being part of a team.

Don’t believe me? Read what my lead pastor, Mark Beeson, has to say about it.

Affirmation and appreciation are hand-in-glove with a mission strategy that organizes all available human resources. They are valued as a person – who they are matters and they know that because of the care, encouragement and community that is at the heart of their team.”  Mark Beeson

Well, there you have it. Convinced yet?

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