What’s the “Win” for Volunteerism at your Church?

Posted: July 19, 2010 in Granger Community Church, Team

In Part two of this series, I want to share the foundation of the volunteer ministry as it relates to our staff team. Because everything revolves around vision, we started there. Our goal was to have that clear and compelling statement when it came to building on the two underlying principles that follow.  Here’s the vision:

“As leaders, we will unashamedly communicate the value of – and offer structured opportunities for – volunteerism. We’ll communicate the value that volunteerism brings to our ministries as members give of themselves, based on their SHAPE, to advance Kingdom goals.  And, equally important, we will communicate the significance a team can add to individuals as they move into community where principles for developing healthy teams are functioning at their best.”

In order for volunteerism to be successful, we’ve landed on these two big buckets. First, we’ve got to have:

A Strategic plan of Connection

Where ministry on-ramps are visible, easily accessible, inclusive and offered frequently; where descriptions and expectations are clearly defined and wins are communicated and celebrated often.”

Second, we need people to tell their story. Without this, we’ll never accomplish what ultimately will become the engine for our ministries. To make this happen, we need:

Intentional Team Development

“Where volunteers are led by leaders and staff who will ensure individuals are encouraged and cared for, and who will build a sense of community in the team members and communicate the significance of the ministry.”

There are 3,210 ways to accomplish these big bucket things. OK, I made that number up! But there are a number of things our teams have been successful at and many others that we’ll begin to pursue globally in the coming months. I look forward to sharing those ideas with you in future posts.

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