How’s Your Team Strength? Part 1

Posted: July 14, 2010 in Granger Community Church, Leadership, Team

It was a distinct honor this week to share some of the values that my boss, Mark Waltz, and I are determined to place at the very core of how our staff should invest in volunteers. This might not be, as I told our staff team, “a new revelation” to anyone but more a review of principles that our Lead Team has built into the DNA of who we are as a staff. These are principles we’re determined to build into our team development.

My premise is that every successful ministry is ultimately dependant upon the strength of our volunteer teams. By strength, this is what I said:

“The strength of our ministry teams, ultimately, is dependent upon the value of the individual that we make evident to our volunteers as opposed to number of volunteers serving. If it’s perceived any other way by our volunteers, we’ll eventually be stuck within a cycle that looks like a revolving door of unsatisfied partners in ministry.”

I contended that ministry is at the heart of the Christian life. In order for our ministries to draw individuals and for our volunteers to flourish, we should esteem those individuals as valuable and provide attractive opportunities for them to move into caring communities.

The kind of attraction I’m talking about does more than just add ministry value as individuals give of their time for the cause of advancing the Kingdom. It’s an attraction where there is an irresistible draw to be part of a team that embraces the most basic of human yearnings – that which encourages, cares for, affirms value to and fosters spiritual friendships.

We believe at GCC that our staff objective is to mobilize and equip a community of ministry partners who are maximizing their gifts in a meaningful place of service. Here’s the catch though: “We can continue to equip and mobilize by the hundreds, but without intentional steps to strengthen (remember the definition) our teams will fall short of what God has called us to.”

How’s your staff doing? Are they flourishing or falling short?

  1. dblacketor says:

    Yesterday I pulled up to the main entrance of Memorial Hospital and was greeted by an valet parking Ambassador. This young African American man not only greeted but welcomed us to his corner of the world. His attitude was inspiring and infectious.

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