Elle White|Volunteer Rockstar

Posted: July 7, 2010 in Volunteer Rockstars

It’s difficult to know where to start to describe Elle.  As a Media Intern, she’s been attending weekly staff meetings for a couple of years and serving so faithfully for around seven years. Week after week-month after month-giving her all.

I first met Shelly (as we knew her back in the day) when she volunteered to serve on our I-Mag team.  Elle mastered the art of running camera as quickly as anyone ever has.  It didn’t take long before, as a director, I could close my eyes and take her shot. She was directing from her camera position! It was a no brainer to offer her a shot at calling the service….what a quick study! She continues in that directors chair today as an outstanding example of “art on the fly” or “live editing” as I call it.

Elle tells the moving story of how many years ago, sitting with the weekend crowd and watching a Baptism media, she was moved to the point where she told God “that’s what I want to do”.  After a couple  years of running camera and directing, it was off to school in Chicago to venture into this new calling.

One might think that’s the end of a great volunteer story. Nope, Elle continued coming home one weekend a month to direct the I-Mag team while continuing to create medias and building her photography skills.  Did I mention that she’s an incredibly gifted photographer too?

As an intern for the arts department, she continues as an invaluable part of the team-creating spectacular medias, and learning from the best artists in the country.  Her love for the church, the arts department, and not feeling the call to move from the Michiana area, were key factors in determining that her volunteer role was more valuable than a job offer in the media field requiring her to leave the area.

Look how God moved her!  As a Volunteer Rockstar she’s taken so much off the plate of so many for the cause of Christ. There’s going to come a day when this young lady (24-Happy Birthday too!) will either get hired or have to move on to a career.  I’m selfishly praying that God will keep her around here…but then again, I’ve seen God shuffle the deck and move His players to where they excel in ways only He’s prepared them for.

Elle White-you are a Volunteer  Rockstar and our church is blessed because of the passion you continue to pour into your ministry every week of the year.

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